NSIDC Git Training

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What to expect from this training

This training is for Git non-users and beginners.

Expect to learn fundamental and simple building blocks that will enable you to:

  • Confidently use Git in your daily work.

  • Confidently self-direct learning intermediate and advanced concepts.

While the concepts you will learn are simple, the Git interface is not intuitive, and you should expect it to be frustrating at times. Expect to internalize this training only with practice. Integrate Git with your daily work flow and learning will be a breeze.

What this training is not

This training is not advanced. This training will not teach you how to use git rebase or git cherry-pick. We won’t talk about “re-writing history”, for example squashing commits. Being a successful Git user does not require building a perfectly “clean” history. Expect to commit mistakes and then fix those mistakes with more commits.

How to use these materials